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How To Use

We recommend using your Boomarang at least once a day, or each time you brush your teeth.  The optimal time to scrape your tongue is immediately after brushing your teeth.  The toothpaste left in your mouth acts as a lubricant to help the scraping process. To perform tongue scraping, follow these steps immediately after brushing: 
  1. Stand in front of your mirror, open your mouth, and stick out your tongue. 
  2. Using both hands, and both handles of your Boomarang, gently set the rounded end to the back of your tongue. 
  3. If you’re worried about gagging, you may find it helpful to start at the middle of your tongue. You can gradually start from farther back as you get used to scraping.
  4. Gently touch your Boomarang to your tongue and press down. Slowly pull it forward, toward the tip of your tongue. You should never push the scraper from the tip of your tongue back. Always go from the back of the tongue to the tip. 
  5. After each scrape, rinse your Boomarang with water running. 
  6. Repeat until you’ve scraped the entire surface of your tongue. One to two scrapes across the same area is usually enough.  Be sure to get as far back as comfortable and to the outer edges of your tongue as well. Over time you will be able to adjust the pressure for maximum cleaning without being overly harsh on your tongue.
  7. Wash the tongue scraper with warm water, dry, and store in a clean, dry area. 
The entire process usually takes less than one minute. 

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