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  1. Do I even need to scrape my tongue?

As a society, we place so much emphasis on brushing teeth and flossing, but we seem to have neglected the tongue in overall oral care.  There is an obsession with electric toothbrushes and various teeth whitening mechanisms.  We ask "what’s the point of having pearly whites when your tongue is ghastly looking?"  If you really want a clean and fresh mouth, tongue scraping is crucial!  Your selfies will thank you!


  1. Will it really help food taste better?

Yes!  Tongue scraping removes the white coating on your tongue.  When the Boomarang removes the coating, it exposes your taste buds to let you enjoy your food like you’re tasting it for the first time!


  1. Why haven’t I heard of a tongue scraper before?

Truth is, people all over the world, primarily in Asia, have been tongue scraping for centuries.  Ayurveda has long advocated the practice and touted its benefits. To this day, it’s a daily ritual for over a billion people!  There wasn’t such a thing as floss centuries back, but we in the West have made it a habit.  Point is, just because you haven’t heard of something, doesn’t mean it’s not a product with real benefits!  Look at it this way - better late than never to start improving your oral health and appearance.  Make it a daily habit!


  1. How is Boomarang different than others?

Aside from the fact that not all tongue scrapers are made of antimicrobial copper,  most of the tongue scrapers on the market have too dull a round edge in the scraping area to be effective.  You might as well use a spoon!  Don’t waste your money on these products.  We took great care in making sure our product is 100% effective.


  1. How do I clean my Boomarang?

From a daily use perspective, simply rinse under tap water making sure all residue has come off and then pat dry.  You can store in the same cup or holder that you have your toothbrush.  Once a month if you really want to make your Boomarang look brand new, follow these directions: 

    1. Take one tablespoon of salt in a small bowl
    2. Add one tablespoon of flour
    3. Add enough vinegar to mixture to create a thick paste
    4. Take a small towel and rub the mixture all over the Boomarang
    5. Areas that require more cleaning can be scrubbed further
    6. Rinse your Boomarang under hot water and dry with dry towel
    7. You won’t believe the shine!


  1. Shipping Policy
    - Fast $3.00 flat rate shipping on all US orders. 
    - International Shipping varies by territory. See Shipping choices by carrier in checkout.
    - International orders do not include duties or taxes. Fees will/may be due upon receipt.


  1. Return Policy
    Because of the hygienic nature of our products we cannot accept returns.  But we do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if you have any problem at all with our products or order we will make things right.

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